Fireplace, stove and other heating devices can warm up your home. However to ensure smart, effective and money-saving heating we need to know how to operate our appliances, what other measures or devices can be used together with our appliance to take most of it.

HANSA offers line of products to achieve the most effective heating with any kind of heating device and to save money.



During combustion process in a fireplace, firestove or any other heating device soot, creosote and water vapours are released together with smoke. Water vapours “glues” soot at creosote together and prevents them from burning away. Because of heavy weight these sticky particles of tars cannot be removed together with smoke, therefore they settle on parts of heating device and chimney, thus forming tar deposits. Even a small amount of deposits inhibits normal functioning of the device, reduces its efficiency, accelerates wearing out, induces corrosion of parts, and can even start fire in the chimney.

HANSA offers line of products to remove dangerous deposits and to protect appliances and chimneys from formation of new coatings.



Burning wood or coal creates soot and creosote. These substances can deposit on the inner side of the stove glass window. These sticky deposits then attract ash particles that are moving around in combustion air flow, thus covering the glass with another layer of deposits. Now the inside of the glass is covered with a grey film, which not only prevents the penetration of light from the stove, but also hinders the heat distribution into the room. Over time this decreases the stability of the glass to sudden temperature changes and the layer of ash can lead to the elimination of scratch-resistant coating on the glass.

HANSA offers line of products to clean glass doors of fireplaces and stoves easy, effective and without scratching.



There are no things that could stay perfect for always. From time to time everything needs some repair and we have to take care of the things. Heating appliances and related parts need special means since they contact with fire, smoke or just become hot. So all the measures have to be resistant to high heat.

HANSA offers line of heat resistant products for repair and maintenance of heating appliances and related parts.



A fireplace or a stove is undeniably helpful device, which brings warmth, comfort and beauty. And there are always at least few important tools every owner of a heating appliance needs to have next to his device to achieve these advantages, to ensure successful operation, cleanness and good look of the device. The same time one must never forget a fire burns inside heating appliance. So every operation must be done with carefulness and attitude. Right fireplace tools are highly important.

HANSA offers line of fireplace tools for safe and easy operation of a heating device. The same time these tools will serve as excellent decoration of home.



Quiet twitter, warm smell and red heat of burning fire-wood bring one of the most pleasant sensations every owner of fireplace or stove can imagine. However to achieve such pleasure is not so easy and not always comfortable. Heavy fire-woods firstly need to be brought to a heating appliance. And a pile of logs might look way disorderly and even bring some dirtiness on a floor after that.

HANSA offers line of log baskets to make bringing of fire-wood home easy and to keep logs next to a fireplace tidily.



Fire is extremely useful gift from nature. For a long time it has been the only source of light and warmth, also useful for cooking food, preparing tools of metal, etc. And we still value and use fire for the mentioned purposes. However fire in our heating appliances or campfires can also entertain and give many other advantages.

HANSA offers line of products that can be used for amusement in our free time or simply keep pleasant atmosphere around us every day.


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Products You’ll Love!

Our assortment of products has a wide range of different accessories for amateur and professional use. Here are our best selling top-fives.

  1. 1
    SIROCCO stove fan

    ONE FOR ALL STOVES. Can be used with all types of stoves: cast iron, stainless steel, tile or stone. Details

  2. 2
    Concentrated chimney cleaner, 1 kg

    For cleaning and maintenance of flues, chimneys and solid fuel appliances. Can be used with these types of fuel: wood and coal. Details

  3. 3
    TORNADO rotating chimney cleaning kit.

    For cleaning of flues and chimneys. The rotary brush TORNADO works by connecting the rods to any electrical drill. Details

  4. 4
    Flexible chimney cleaning rod, 1.0 m

    For cleaning of flues and chimneys. Suitable for any diameter and lengths chimneys and flues made of metal and bricks. Details

  5. 5
    Soot remover, 1 kg

    For cleaning and maintenance of flues, chimneys and solid fuel appliances. Details




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