Concentrated soot remover, 1 kg

For cleaning and maintenance of flues, chimneys and solid fuel appliances. Can be used with these types of fuel: wood and coal.

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Efficient cleaners for cleaning and maintenance of flues, chimneys and solid fuel appliances. Soot removers consist of a mix of special crystals. Some of its components catalytically affect the process of burning of firewood – decompose the tars present in wood into combustible gas. Other components at high temperatures release gases that react with tar deposits and destroy their structure. This weakens the bonding to chimney surface and the deposits fall down or are carried out with the chimney gasses.

Can be used with:

  • Chimneys & Flues
  • Solid cookers
  • Wood burning & gasification stoves
  • Open and closed type fireplaces

Using Instructions

Pour 1 or 2 scoops (see table) into the heating device before lighting it. For the first few times it is recommended to use this substance each time when starting fire. After ten times it is advised to use this substance every 4th-5th fire.

Number of scoops for cleaning Number of scoops for maintenance
Device using solid fuel up to 18-20 kW 10 (1 scoop each time of lighting) 1 scoop every 4th-5th fires 1 scoop every 4th-5th fire
Device using solid fuel over 18-20 kW 20 (2 scoops each time of lighting) 2 scoops every 4th-5th fir


Stages of cleaning effect:


Parts of the heating device in use and chimney get a layer of tar deposits.

HANSA SOOT REMOVER covers the layer of these dangerous deposits with active gases.

The active gases dry out the creosote/tar deposits, this weakens the bonding to chimney surface.

Cleaning effect of the soot remover lasts for several days.

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