Soot remover, 1kg

For cleaning and maintenance of flues, chimneys and solid fuel appliances. Can be used with these types of fuel: wood and coal.

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General Details

cleans soot residue in heating devices and chimneys. Reduces emission of tar during combustion of fuel. Enhances efficiency of heating device, reduces the risk of chimney fire. Can be used in all types of chimneys and wood and coal-fired heating devices, such as furnaces, burners, fireplaces with open and closed-type fireplace.

Can be used with:

  • Chimneys & Flues
  • Solid cookers
  • Wood burning & gasification stoves
  • Open and closed type fireplaces

Using Instructions

Add a full tablespoon of sooth remover into a hot heating device, putting it directly into an open fire or add a spoonful of soot remover prior kindling your heating device. If necessary, following the same procedure, after 30 minutes add the second portion of soot remover. A full tablespoon of soot remover is sufficient for 6-8 kg of fuel. If the fuel is dry, you need smaller amount of soot remover, and if the fuel is damp, more soot remover should be used. Proper time for adding the second dose of soot remover is when soot deposits begin to show on the previously cleaned with soot remover door and internal walls of your heating device.

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